This was a simple collaboration. Chris emailed photographs to Rebecca and she chose the images that inspired her most. They didn’t stipulate too much what was expected of each other. That freedom paid off. Some poems were quite literal interpretations of the image, others took a more surreal tangent. There was experimentation too – the poet providing poems for inspiration – and the photographer setting off to make an image.

Why Jupiter?

In early 2012 Chris decided to start shooting with a camera as old as he was. He bought a Soviet-built Zorki-4 rangefinder camera with a  Jupiter-8 lens, made in 1968. Old equipment lacks the easy consistency of twenty-first century camera technology, but it was exactly this resistance that made using it an attractive creative prospect. All of the images here are taken using the Jupiter-8 lens, split roughly half and half between the Zorki-4 film camera and a modern Olympus digital camera.

Who Are We?

Rebecca Goss is a widely published poet, based in Suffolk. Her first full-length collection The Anatomy of Structures was published by Flambard Press in 2010. She was awarded an Authors’ Foundation Grant in 2011, from The Society of Authors. Her second collection titled Her Birth was published in 2013 with Carcanet/Northern House and shortlisted for The 2013 Forward Prize for Best Collection and was the poetry category winner in the East Anglian Book Awards 2013.

Chris Routledge is a writer, editor, academic and photographer based in Lancashire. He has written and edited books and articles on American literature, crime fiction, children’s literature, and English language; his most recent book is Cains: The Story of Liverpool in a Pint (2008), a history of Liverpool’s iconic Cains brewery. His longstanding interest in photography became a significant creative outlet in 2008 when a serious neck injury made sitting at a desk and writing all but impossible. The neck is better and writing has resumed, but photography hasn’t gone away.

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